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Our DV Girls Flag Football coaching staff is dedicated to nurturing talent, fostering teamwork, and instilling a passion for flag football in our athletes. They believe in the power of mentorship and are committed to helping our athletes reach their full potential, both as individuals and as a team.

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Meet Coach Derek, our head coach with over 31 years of engineering experience. In 2008 he began his coaching journey, starting with his son's basketball and football teams. He has since amassed over 16 years of coaching experience with boys/girls sports for ages 5-18 and achieved championship success in leagues like the Playmakers Flag Football league. He also coached boys' recreation and AAU basketball teams and maintained defensive/linebacker & special teams coach roles for Varsity and JV staff.

Notably, Coach Derek spent four years on a high school coaching staff, transforming the Sierra Linda Bulldogs varsity team into 2021 4A Conference champions, marking a historic first for the school.

Coach Derek's extensive experience and dedication make him an invaluable part of the Desert Vista Lady Thunder coaching staff. His leadership promises a bright future for our high school girls' flag football team. We are truly lucky to have his leadership.

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Introducing Coach Goe, an esteemed educator and coach with a Desert Vista alumnus status. Coach Goe's journey in coaching is diverse, having led track and field teams and served as the ice hockey sponsor for a remarkable nine years. 

Today, Coach Goe channels her expertise into teaching yoga, offering a unique perspective to our coaching staff. She teaches four different levels of yoga and runs the only high school yoga teacher training program in the nation, demonstrating her commitment to holistic wellness and personal development.


Beyond the yoga mat, Coach Goe has been a valuable resource for athletes at various levels. She has dedicated the past few years to providing individual and team yoga support to high school, collegiate, overseas, G League, and professional athletes, enhancing their physical and mental performance.


Coach Goe's passion for sports and fitness extends to flag and touch football, where she has always enjoyed participating in various versions of the game. We are thrilled to have her on board our coaching staff, where her unique blend of coaching, teaching, and yoga expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the success and well-being of our team.

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Introducing Coach Lerma, our dedicated defensive coach with over 11 years of football coaching experience. He brings a balance to the team, as his passion goes beyond the game itself. His coaching journey has covered various formats, including 5 versus 5 flag, 7 versus 7, 7 versus 7 flag, and youth tackle football.

Coach Jesse has contributed his expertise to several high school football programs, including Betty Fair Fax HS, Mountain Pointe HS, and South Mountain HS. He has a passion for witnessing athletes evolve into smart and intelligent football players, cherishing the growth of each player and the challenges of every season.

Coach Lerma's wealth of experience and commitment to player development make him a valuable asset to our coaching staff. Under his guidance, our team is sure to excel on the defensive side of the game and continue to grow as skilled and strategic athletes.




Meet Coach Olson, a multi-talented coach with a diverse background in sports and healthcare. Graduating from high school in Northeastern Wisconsin in 2011, Coach Olson excelled in volleyball, basketball, and softball. She continued her athletic journey as a college softball athlete at Ripon College in Wisconsin, where she majored in Biochemistry. Her pursuit of excellence didn't stop there; she graduated in 2015 and earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rosalind Franklin University in Illinois.

Coach Olson's introduction to flag football came during her clinical rotations in Arizona, and from that moment, she fell in love with the sport. Her commitment to flag football is evident as she has participated in various leagues, including the Blondes vs Brunettes Alzheimer's league and the TuffHer league in Phoenix. Coach Olson's passion for the game extended to traveling across the nation for tournaments. She soon played a pivotal role in founding and developing the first Phoenix women’s travel flag football team, Valley Fever. Today, Coach Cassie serves as the team's captain while also playing for Phoenix Fahrenheit, Massov (Los Angeles), and Lace Up (Denver).

Beyond the football field, Coach Cassie has spent five years as a Physical Therapist at Spooner Physical Therapy in Ahwatukee. In her practice, she has treated numerous DV athletes and individuals of all skill levels and ages, solidifying her reputation as a dedicated healthcare professional.

Coach Olson's unwavering passion for her profession and her love for flag football make her a valuable addition to our coaching staff. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in physical therapy, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm for the sport, to benefit your daughters. We are thrilled to have her share her skills and passion with our team.

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